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Application and Design

Websoft A n D is a project of and provides applications for the internet and / or intranet such as a webbased file manager, webgallery, time stamp (punch clock), etc... but also providing webdesign and administration of websites for small clubs and private persons.



Websoft A n D is also providing indidual designs and administration of websites. On demand the webpages can be translated between German, Swedisch and English.


VOMAC - Volvo Owners Meeting at the Artic Circle An organisation that each year arranges a meeting for Volvo enthusiasts from all over the world during winter.

Holtstraeter - A private page about the family Holtst├Ąter's.



Every time i needed an app and couldn't find the right one, i did it myself. And give them away for free1).


Access your notes from anywhere. Password protected, but still beta phase.

Save your notes
in different categories.

Give your note a name.

To many notes?
Give your note a tag to find it faster.

Check 'n try it out >> here
-User: Admin
-Password: 2681

Or download it from >> here2)
and type in your webbrowser

Still Beta phase, still on ToDo-list:
- Special characters don't show correctly.
- Find a way to edit Tags easier.
- Multi user login.
- Sharing notes.

More stuff...

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