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copy, rename, organize your file online via webbrowser

No MYSQL needed, just PHP 4
Tested the FE on a server with:
register_globas = off
safe_mode = on
allow_url_fopen = off


v 2.0.1b - 24/06/08:
- orange link hover,
- build in file upload function,
- 'known' file types under Kind,
- action 'edit' appears behind textbased files like txt, htm(l), css & php files,
- search function: looking for a specific file  in CurrentWorkDirectory; 
  but "Folder/file.txt" works fine, too.
- search function: looking for all files with a specific extension 
  ( like *.txt) in CWD

v 2.0.2b - 01/07/08:
- kinda security fix: filtering of string "../". at input fields: 
rename, save(edit), move or search. 
why? a hacker could use "../" to save/see files in other directories (out of FileExplorer)
and causes damage.

v 2.0.3b 02/07/08:
- version checker. click on 'Version' checks for newer version.

v 2.0.4b (18/10/08)
- added Editor icon (next to 'New folder')
there you can open a text file or choose text based templates like blank textfile, HTML, PHP