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Hello World1)...

...and welcome to cyber-inside! This is my officiell website/"business card"2) which contains my websoft applications and some downloads :-)

//CyberTeddy aka Sascha

PHP - Code snippets.

Here are some PHP code parts/snippets (Source codes) which i created into something bigger.

*Simple Guestbook *Email
*File and Directory Listing *Simple Online Notepad
*MD5 Pwd creator *Disk/WebSpace info
*switch-case /-menu *TXT based database
*CSV/TXT based database *php in a box
*file counter *source of a html file



Complete PHP applications

Here are my PHP-Webapplications. I did those from code parts above and after my own needs. You can check 'n try and download them for free!

Read more here >>




The CyberTeddy

Who is this guy?

Yeah, who am i? Just a regular guy who enjoys to write some stuff in html, php,...
Anything else byside freelance developing at night? In day time i am working in customer service and order management. Did i mention judo3)? Yes, in my other spare time i am a judotrainer and instruct 6-10 year old kids :)
Here are also some pics i took from time to time. >> Camera shots, HDR, Tiltshift and stuff

Fav tech stuff.

iTunes, Safari, Pixelmator, Color Strike, Textastic, MacBook Air, iPad Air2, Ford Fiesta MK7



This is my Instagram page

Me on on Twitter.


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